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Return & Refund

Return policy

  • 1- If your product is incorrect/incomplete/ damaged/defective at the time of delivery you will be eligible for replacement. Incase exactly same item is not available in stock your product may be eligible for return and then subsequent refund
  • 2- In case, upon delivery, you find your product incorrect/incomplete/ damaged/defective you must immediately go to our website and fill IPM (Intimation for Product Mismatch) form. IPM received within 3 days/72 hours from time of delivery will only be considered. Any IPM received after 3 days/72 hours from time of delivery will not be acceptable
  • 3- After receiving your IPM, our team member will contact you for further information and/or guide you through replacement or refund process.
  • 4- In most instances, you will be asked to drop off the product to our designated drop off points or wait for our pick up service. In certain items, if there is a different procedure for return, our team members will guide you accordingly.

Conditions for Return

  • 1- Product must be unused, undamaged, exactly in same condition as delivered and without any flaws.
  • 2- Product must include the original tags, user manual, warranty card and accessories
  • 3- Product must be returned in original and undamaged manufacturer’s packaging/box. If product comes with second layer of packaging return it in same conditions with received invoice copy or return shipping label (if available) attached to it.
  • 3- Do not alter, put tape or sticker on manufacturer’s packaging/box.
  • 4- If a product is returned to us in an inadequate condition, we reserved the right to send it back to you.

Replacement Procedure

  • 1- Replacement process will be initiated once old product is received at office and physically inspected according to return policy and conditions of return.
  • 2- Expected delivery time for replaced product
  • • 2-4 working days (within Karachi)
    • 4-7 working days (outside Karachi)
  • 3- Additional shipping charges will be beard by
    Refund Procedure
  • 4- If your product is eligible for refund, your can choose from following refund methods.
  • • refund voucher.
    • Inter Bank Fund Transfer-IBFT (Online Transfer).
  • 5- will also refund the shipping fee along with the amount paid for your returned product.
  • 6- Time required to complete the refund depends on the refund method you choose. Expected refund duration is given below
  • • 1-2 working days ( refund vouchers)
    • 6-7 working days (Interbank fund transfer-IBFT/ Online Transfer)
  • 7- Please note that above mentioned time is after has received the product at its office and physically inspected/checked according to return policy and conditions of return.


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