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3M Double Sided Tape in Pakistan: Types, Uses and Benefits

By Trims pakistan January 29, 2024 0 comments

In this article, we'll be talking about the fantastic 3M double sided or two sided tape that's available in Pakistan and all around the world. Three-M (or 3M) is a widely recognized and respected manufacturer of tape, and their double-sided tape finds widespread use across many industries. In this piece, we'll take a closer look at the various kinds of 3M double-sided tape sold in Pakistan, from acrylic foam with strong acrylic adhesive to heavy-duty tape made especially for use in vehicles. We'll go over the benefits of utilizing 3M double-sided tape in Pakistan, such as the product's strength or immediate handling strength and longevity and provide some pointers for maximizing your results. We will also discuss the costs of 3M double-sided tape and the simplicity of placing an order through our website, DIYers and experts alike can benefit from using 3M double-sided tape, since it provides strongest immediate handling strength and long-lasting bond as compared to any other double tape.

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What is a Double-Sided Tape?

Double-sided tape or two sided also known as acrylic tape has glue on both sides. The tape is used to connect two surfaces together. Double-sided adhesive tape is used instead of glue or other adhesives since it's easy to apply and leaves no mess. It's also quickly removable, making it a fantastic choice for temporary bonding. Double-sided tape is used in the automobile, construction, printing, and home/office industries.

Different Types of  Two Sided or Double-Sided Tape by 3M:

  • 3M VHB tape (Very High Bond) tape: Designed for bonding high-surface-energy materials, this tape is perfect for structural bonding applications. VHB tape comes in various sizes & can be selected according to your need

  • 3M foam tape: This acrylic foam tape is manufactured from a soft, spongy foam material and is used for gap filling, cushioning, and sound dampening.

  • 3M transfer tape: This tape is meant to transfer graphics and other materials from a release liner to a substrate. It is utilized frequently in the sign and graphics industries.

  • 3M mounting tape: This tape is designed for mounting and attaching things to a variety of surfaces. It is frequently utilized in both the business and at home. This tape includes adhesive on both sides and is used to adhere plastics, metals, and papers, among other items

  • 3M double-sided tissue tape: This tape is made of a thin, tissue-like material and is used for bonding lightweight materials or temporarily attaching objects. It is utilized often in the printing and packaging industries.

Following is chart to better understand which various type of 3M double tape & its use cases

Type of Tape


Use in Automotive Industry

Acrylic Foam Tape with Liner

3M VHB Tape Series 4910

Attaching exterior trim, bonding windshield

Acrylic Foam Tape with Liner

3M VHB Tape Series 4905

bonding mirrors, attaching emblems

Acrylic Foam Tape with Liner

3M VHB Tape Series 4950

bonding door handles, bonding body side moldings

Acrylic Foam Tape with Liner

3M Automotive Attachment Tape 9008

Holding wires and cables, attaching weatherstrip

Acrylic Foam Tape with Liner

3M Automotive Attachment Tape 9009

Mounting exterior trim and emblems

Double-Coated Tissue Tape

3M Double-Coated Tissue Tape 9007

Mounting exterior trim and emblems

Double-Coated Tissue Tape

3M Double-Coated Tissue Tape 914

Mounting exterior trim and emblems

Double-Coated Tissue Tape

3M Super Strength Adhesive Transfer Tape

Mounting license plates, interior trim

Double-Coated Tissue Tape

3M Super Strength Adhesive Transfer Tape 467MP

Mounting exterior trim and emblems


Please note that these are just examples, and 3M offers a wide range of double-sided tapes that can be used in the automotive industry, and that this list is not exhaustive. Here are few other uses of 3M double tapes in vehicles & cars

Other Uses of 3M Double-Sided Adhesive Tape in Automotive Industry

  • Attaching badges, emblems, and other decorative elements to vehicles
  • Aftermarket Accessories & body kit components such as bumpers, side skirts, and spoilers, which can be attached to the vehicle using double-sided adhesive tape.

  • Bonding automotive body panels and trim with vhb tape.

  • Attaching interior trim and other lightweight components to vehicles

  • Gap filling and sound damping

  • Bonding rubber or plastic seals and weather-stripping.

  • Attaching mirrors and other accessories to vehicles

  • Temporary holding or positioning of parts during assembly or repair

  • Attaching decals, graphics, and other signage to vehicles

  • Bonding foam or other cushioning materials to vehicle surfaces

  • Attaching window tint film or other protective films to vehicle windows.

How to Use 3M Double Sided Adhesive Tape Available in Pakistan

Overall apply 3M tapes are easy to apply & a straight forward process

  1. Surfaces that need to be bonded must be cleaned. There shouldn't be any moisture or impurities on the surfaces.

  2. The length of the tape can be adjusted by cutting it. To remove the tape, use either scissors or a tool knife.

  3. Take the tape off one of its backings. The tape's adhesive side should now be visible.

  4. Place a piece of tape on one of the surfaces you intend to bond. Make sure you press down hard to make solid contact.

  5. The tape's backing paper must be peeled off before use.

  6. Put the second surface on the tape's exposed adhesive side. Put some serious pressure on it to make sure you make solid contact.

  7. It's best to wait an hour before applying any pressure to the joint to ensure it's fully cured.

  8. Keep in mind that the bond strength will be determined by the nature of the surfaces being joined and the force used to press them together.

Beware of Chinese Replicas of 3M Double Sided Adhesive Tape

While Chinese-made replicas of double-sided tape may be cheaper than 3M tapes, it's important to keep in mind that the quality of these replicas can be far inferior. 3M is a reputable brand with a long history of producing high-quality acrylic adhesive and tapes, which are rigorously tested to meet industry standards. In contrast, Chinese-made replicas may not have undergone the same level of testing and quality control, which can lead to tapes that are less durable and less reliable in a wide range of conditions.

In some cases, the cheaper price tag may be an indication of lower quality materials, less advanced technology or lower standards in production. Although it may save some cost in the short term, it can also lead to problems and additional expenses in the long run. The adhesive of the tape may not be as strong, and it may not adhere as well to different surfaces, it may even fail to last as long as it is supposed to.

While the lower price of Chinese-made replicas may be appealing, it's important to consider the long-term costs and potential problems that could arise from using a lower-quality tape. In the end, it may be more cost-effective to invest in a high-quality 3M tape that will provide a strong bond and last longer, even though it may come with a higher upfront cost


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