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Toyota Fortuner GR-S and Revo GR-S Launch in Pakistan: Exciting New Additions with Impressive Features and Pricing

By Trims pakistan February 14, 2024 0 comments


Toyota Indus Motor Company (IMC) has announced the exciting launch of the new Fortuner GR-S and Revo GR-S in Pakistan, bringing adrenaline-fuelled adventure to the local automotive market. is your one-stop destination for auto accessories and the latest happenings in the automotive market in Pakistan. In this blog, we will dive into the details of the new variants and the exciting features they bring to the table.

Order Intake Announcement:

On 17th March 2023, IMC officially started taking orders for the new variants of the Fortuner and Revo line-up. With a commitment to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction, IMC has introduced these powerful and stylish vehicles, embodying Toyota's commitment to overcoming every limit and producing "even-better" cars.

Prices of New Fortuner GR-S and Revo GR-S Variants:

The Fortuner line-up now has five variants, including the new Fortuner 188D 4x4 GR-S (2755cc Diesel), with an indicative ex-factory (Karachi) price of  PKR 19,899,000. The Revo line-up also expands to five variants, featuring the new Revo 188D 4x4 GR-S (2755cc Diesel) at an indicative ex-factory (Karachi) price of PKR 15,359,000.


The automobile industry in Pakistan has been facing several challenges recently, including plant shutdowns, a high dollar rate, and a lack of raw materials. However, despite these difficulties, car delivery is readily available across the country

Newly Added Features:

The new Fortuner GR-S and Revo GR-S come packed with impressive features and enhancements, which we will discuss in more detail below:

  1. MONOTUBE SHOCK ABSORBERS: These high-performance shock absorbers provide better handling, stability, and overall ride comfort by delivering a quicker response to changing road conditions.

  2. Premium black interior scheme with GR red stitching: The sporty interior features an all-black color scheme, complemented by red GR stitching to enhance the look and feel of the cabin.

  3. Redesigned Optitron meter with red dials: The new instrument cluster features red dials for a sportier and more aggressive appearance.

  4. Race-type brake and accelerator pedals (silver): These pedals add a racing-inspired touch to the driver's cockpit, contributing to the overall sporty feel of the vehicle.

  5. Seude + Leather seat material: The combination of suede and leather seat materials provides a perfect balance of comfort and style, elevating the driving experience.

  6. Steering wheel with red stitching + GR emblem: The steering wheel features red stitching and a GR emblem, emphasizing the vehicle's racing heritage.

  7. New 18-inch all-black alloy design: The new alloy wheels come in an all-black design, adding a bold and aggressive touch to the vehicle's appearance.

  8. GR red brake calipers: The red brake calipers not only improve braking performance but also enhance the vehicle's sporty look.

  9. GR grade mark on front, back, and front fenders: These marks signify the vehicle's connection to the Toyota GAZOO Racing family.

Additional features exclusive to the Fortuner GR-S include a redesigned fog lamp cover, carbon fiber gear shift console, and a redesigned GR smart key.

The Revo GR-S, on the other hand, has unique features like paddle shifters, over-fender colour, a new front bumper, signature “TOYOTA” alphabets mark on the front grille, redesigned radiator grille, new piano black deck bar with light (on/off switch), wired Apple CarPlay + Android Auto, and a redesigned GR smart key.

Toyota GAZOO Racing:

The new Fortuner GR-S and Revo GR-S are a result of Toyota GAZOO Racing's commitment to crafting cars that push the limits of innovation. With these new vehicles, Pakistani drivers can experience an adrenaline-fueled adventure on every journey. The official introduction of Toyota GAZOO racing vehicles in Pakistan marks a significant milestone for the Toyota brand.


The Toyota Fortuner GR-S and Revo GR-S are remarkable additions to the Toyota family in Pakistan, combining innovative features, competitive pricing, and exceptional performance. These vehicles embody Toyota's commitment to customer satisfaction and showcase the company's dedication to innovation. If you're looking to enhance your new Fortuner GR-S or Revo GR-S with the latest accessories, look no further than – the only destination for all your genuine Toyota GAZOO Racing accessory needs. Visit today to explore the complete range of high-quality accessories for your GR variant and stay updated on the latest happenings in the automotive market in Pakistan.

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