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DFSK SERES 3 (EV): The First Look - A Comprehensive Guide

By Trims pakistan February 14, 2024 0 comments

The DFSK Seres 3 appears to be an interesting addition to the electric vehicle market, particularly in Pakistan. Here's a summary of its key features and specifications:

Make and Model:

  • The Seres 3 is an affordable electric sub-compact SUV introduced to the Pakistani market. It's part of the Seres brand and was initially designed in Silicon Valley by Tesla co-founder Martin Eberhard before being handed over to DFSK China.


  • The Seres 3 features a muscular and impactful design, inspired by the MG ZS. It includes a panoramic sunroof, stylish headlights, DRL (Daytime Running Lights), fog lamps, keyless entry, retractable side mirrors, and 18-inch wheels.


  • Despite concerns about power outages and high electricity prices in Pakistan, the Seres 3 offers an economical option. It has a battery capacity of 49.3 kWh, providing a range of up to 400 km on a full charge. For city commutes with air conditioning, it offers an impressive mileage of 330 km. This electric vehicle features a lithium-ion battery that can be conveniently charged overnight.


  • The Seres 3 boasts a spacious interior with heated comfortable seats, decent head and legroom, and a pleasing aesthetic with soft plastic and ambient leather combination.

Technology Features:

  • It includes tech features such as a futuristic cluster panel, wireless phone charger, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and night vision LED. The availability of three driving modes (Eco, Sports, and Normal) offers versatility in driving control.

Safety Features:

  • Safety is a priority with features like Lane Assist, Drive Control, ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems), airbags, and Regenerative Braking.

Aftersales Service:

  • When purchasing this vehicle, buyers can enjoy a free aftersales service provided by the dealer after 150,000 km or eight years, whichever comes first.

Overall, the DFSK Seres 3 seems to offer a well-rounded package, addressing concerns about range and power availability in the Pakistani market. Its design, features, and range make it a competitive option in the sub-compact SUV and electric vehicle segments. However, as with any vehicle purchase, it's important to thoroughly research and test drive it to ensure it meets your specific needs and expectations.

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