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Vigo Dala Price in Pakistan 2024

By Trims pakistan February 14, 2024 0 comments

Vigo Price in Pakistan vigo vigo car Black vigo Vigo Dala

Toyota Vigo Price in Pakistan

Toyota Vigo (2005-2010) price in Pakistan

PKR 2,500,000-5,000,000

Toyota Vigo (2010-2015) price in Pakistan

PKR 5,000,000- 6,500,000


Toyota Hilux E price in Pakistan is

PKR 11,439,000

Toyota Hilux Revo G 2.8 price in Pakistan 

PKR 11,595,000

Toyota Hilux Revo G 2.8 Automatic price in Pakistan is

PKR 12,549,000

Toyota Hilux Revo V Automatic 2.8 price in Pakistan is

PKR 13,849,000

Toyota Hilux Revo Rocco price in Pakistan is

PKR 14,419,000

Toyota Hilux Rocco GR-S price in Pakistan PKR 15,359,000


In this article, we will discuss Toyota Hilux Vigo Which is also known as (Dalla) in Pakistan. Toyota Vigo is considered an off-road truck that is well famous for its off-roading capabilities. Whenever anyone thinks about off-roading the only vehicle that comes to mind is Toyota Vigo. In America Toyota, Hilux Vigo is known as a pick-up truck with extreme off-roading capabilities. It is manufactured by a famous Japanese company known as Toyota. The first generation of Toyota Hilux was launched back in 1968 along with a 1.5-liter engine and manual transmission. The second generation of Toyota Hilux was launched in 1972 that was improved a lot as compared to generation 1. The third generation of Toyota Hilux was launched in 1978 it was a single cabin truck with extreme off-roading capabilities and its design was improved a lot as compared to the previous generations. The fourth generation of Toyota Hilux was launched in 1983 and it has an option of a single cabin as well as a double cabin the design was changed and the features were added to facilitate users in the best way. The seventh generation of Toyota Hilux was launched in august 2004 and it is all time famous generation of Toyota Hilux history This generation was the first which gets manufactured in Thailand although other generations were used to manufacture in Japan. The design of this generation was very modern. It has an option of both single cabins as well as the double cabin. The chassis frame used in this generation is stiffer than the previous generations and it was purely designed for off-road. The 7th generation of Toyota Hilux was launched in 2005 in Pakistan and it was also called as Toyota Hilux Vigo its shape was well designed with all the basic features that were well known at that time. Toyota Vigo has a single cabin as well as a double cabin option available. In 2010 the local production of Toyota Vigo started and before 2010 the CBU units were available in Pakistan.  In Pakistan, both Thai and UK models of Toyota Vigo are also available and they have certain added features. Globally Toyota launched the facelift of the 7th generation Toyota Vigo but in Pakistan, this facelift was launched in 2013 with few changes like Front bumper design, front grille design and the front headlights were also changed in short, the front look of the car changed but more or less the design philosophy remains the same. Toyota Indus Motors Launched locally produced 4 different variants of Toyota Vigo which are mentioned below. Keep in mind there are Thai and UK variants of Toyota Vigo also available in Pakistan and they are mentioned below too.

  • Toyota Hilux Vigo Champ G
  • Toyota Hilux Vigo Champ GX
  • Toyota Hilux Vigo Champ V
  • Toyota Hilux Vigo Champ TRD sportive
  • Invincible

It is a UK variant, not locally produce in Pakistan

  • D-4d manual
  • 4X4 single cabin
  • 4 by 2 4X2 single cabin
  • 4 by 4 4X4 double cabin


Vigo Price in Pakistan vigo vigo car Black vigo Vigo Dala

Front look:

The front look of the Toyota Vigo is a bit simple. The front grille design of Toyota Vigo is simple and the headlamps of Toyota Vigo are halogen there is no option for daytime running lights the shape of the headlamps is classical. The front bumper design is simple along with round-shaped fog lamps which are standard in all the variants and the fog lamps are also halogen. The hood of the Toyota Vigo is very huge and wide. The Toyota Hilux TRD variant has a sportier look because it has a black matt TRD front grille that is different from the standard grille and there is a company fitted Body kit installed in the TRD variant, the front bumper has bumper lip and extension and there is Hood scope available in the TRD variant which is missing in Vigo V, Vigo G, and Vigo Gx variant.

Side profile: 

The side profile of the Toyota Vigo is very simple. There are no prominent character lines in the side profile of Toyota Vigo, the door handles of Toyota Vigo TRD are made of chrome while the Vigo V, Vigo G, and Vigo Gx variants have body-colored door handles and you can install after-market chrome door handles easily and they are readily available in the market. The side mirrors of Toyota Vigo TRD have chrome work while Vigo V, Vigo G, and Vigo Gx variants have body-colored side mirrors and they do not have a side indicator option which is only available in the TRD variant. The TRD variant has a few other changes than the Vigo V, Vigo G, and Vigo Gx variants. Like it has different side badges and it has a sportier side step. The TRD variant is the top-of-the-line variant and it has few changes it looks sportier than the Vigo V, Vigo G, and Vigo Gx variants. 

Rear Profile

The rear end of the Toyota Vigo is more aggressive than the front look. The front bumper design is simple along with simple side swept tail lamps which are simple and not led There is a manual tailgate in Toyota Vigo while the TRD variant has chrome work around the tail lamps and the tailgate opener while the Vigo V, Vigo G, and Vigo Gx variant do not have much work of chrome. There is a difference in badging across all the variants of Toyota Vigo. The TRD variant of Toyota Vigo has a company-fitted Rollbar which is missing in Vigo V, Vigo G, and Vigo Gx variants.


The interior of the Toyota Vigo is very basic and classic and the color scheme of the interior is very similar to the Toyota Corolla 2006. The seats are wrapped in beige color and there is an option of leather seats in the TRD variant while other variants have fabric seats as a standard feature. The steering is powered and the TRD variant has steering switches while Vigo V, Vigo G, and Vigo Gx variants do not have steering switches. All the variants of Vigo have a manual air condition system with a knob design. The seats of Vigo have manual adjustment and there is enough headroom available while there is a compromised leg space for rear passengers. The GX variant has wooden trims used on the door cards and console box. The arms rest is available across all the variants. There is no smart entry option in Toyota Vigo. The speedometer design is very simple and provides all the necessary information. The Vigo V variant has 5.1 inches display screen with Bluetooth and all the other basic features while the Vigo G and GX variant has a 7-inches display with all the features. The gear knob is wrapped in leather. There is no rear C vent in Toyota Vigo. The switches of windows and doors are black. The theme of the interior is black and beige.


Drive Experience

The all-inclusive driving experience of Toyota Vigo is just normal. This car is stiff to drive it is not much soft because its purpose is to provide the best off-roading experience that is why it is not much luxurious and provides the best features and smooth rides. The rear seats are very hard and they are uncomfortable. There is an option of ABS brake which provides optimum braking experience while there is no traction control, EBD VSA option available. The cruise control option is available in Toyota Vigo TRD variant only. The TRD variant of Toyota Vigo has additional features like body kits, roll bars, extended bumpers, projection headlamps and chrome work in the side mirrors and door handles more over standard hood scope option is also available in TRD variant.

Engine & Transmission

Toyota Vigo has a 2.5-liter 16 valve VVTI inline diesel engine that is standard across all the variants of Toyota Vigo and this engine can produce 101 horsepower at 3600 rpm which is impressive. There is a 4-speed automatic transmission option standard in all the variants of Toyota Vigo but the Hilux champ V variant has a 5-speed manual transmission which provides more torque and power to the Vigo. All the variants have diesel engine which provides ultimate power to Toyota Vigo. The Thai variant of Toyota Vigo comes with a 4000-cc petrol engine while the local variants of Vigo has only diesel engine option available.


Suspension/Wheels & Tires

The suspension of Toyota Vigo is soft and it is designed for off-road. The response of suspension is smooth on broken roads off roads and paved roads. A user can drive it on any kind of terrain and roads and its suspension will never disappoint you but the comfort level will compromise. There is ample ground clearance available in Toyota Vigo. The suspension of Toyota Vigo is Front: Double Wishbone, Rear: Leaf Rigid. The tire size of Toyota Vigo is 255/70/R15 and there is an option of 15 inches’ alloy wheels in Vigo. At high speed, Toyota Vigo is not much stable and there is a noticeable body roll in it because it lacks EBD, VSA, and Traction control.


Toyota Vigo has 2-air bags as a standard option that is common across all the variants one is located in the steering wheel and the other is located in the dashboard for the front passenger There is no option for EBD, VSA, and traction control while the TRD variant has an option of cruise control only. Abs is the option available in all the variants Child Isofix anchors are not available in Toyota Vigo.

Build Quality

The build quality of Toyota Vigo is excellent being a family of Toyota that is well known for its reliability and build quality. The build quality of Toyota Vigo is amazing but the Thai and UK variant has more better build quality then the local variants. The paint quality of Toyota Vigo is amazing. The dashboard quality is amazing and all the parts used in Toyota Vigo have amazing quality.


Unique Features

  1. Steering switches

Toyota Vigo TRD has steering switches which is a unique feature because in 2013 those features were considered a unique and top feature.

  1. Hood scope

The TRD variant of Vigo has an option of Hood scope which enhance the beauty of the car and as well as cause reduction in the heating of the engine.

  1. Smart infotainment screen

The infotainment screen of the Vigo TRD has an option of satellite navigation which is a cool feature and useful too.

Maintenance & Parts Costs

The maintenance cost of the Toyota Vigo is very minimal because there is a wide arrange of aftermarket parts available in Pakistan. Back in 2015 and 2014, there are a lot of dealership parts available for Toyota Vigo but now this generation has been replaced with the Revo still, the dealership has few of its parts, and aftermarket and Kabli parts are readily in the markets. Maintenance is not an issue in the case of Vigo because the mechanics of Pakistan has ample knowledge regarding Toyota Vigo. The D-4d engines of Toyota Vigo has a common problem of giving excessive noise and emission of white smoke because of the faulty injectors and this problem is very common in D-4d engine the main reason behind is the poor quality or high sulpher fuel used that can cause problem in the fuel pump and injectors so this problem is very common.


Top Accessories & Trending Modifications

Vigo aftermarket projection headlamps

Aftermarket TRD conversions

Vigo Body kits

Vigo roll bar

Vigo Door claddings

Vigo front roll bar

Aftermarket hood scope

After-market chrome accessories

After market conversion of Hilux Vigo to Hilux Revo and Revo Rocco in these conversions they replace the whole-body parts of Vigo and install the new body parts of Revo and Revo Rocco so you can give your car a new look. If you are looking for aftermarket face lift of Your Vigo you can contact the number given below



Common Issues / Any key missing features

The common issue With Toyota Vigo is its uncomfortable drive. The rear seats of Vigo are very hard and they are very uncomfortable this is the main issue with Toyota Vigo. On longer journeys, the rear passengers have to face difficulty while sitting because the seats are very hard. The feature which is missing in Vigo is traction control although it lacks a lot of features at least it has an option of traction control and because of this option, his vehicle is not much stable at high speed.

How to Buy Vehicle

 Toyota Vigo is not available as a brand new so you have to go with second-hand option and for that, you can visit showrooms and use several car buying and selling applications.


  1. How is the resale value of the Toyota Vigo?

The resale value of the Toyota Vigo is very amazing because it is the most eminent 4x4 in Pakistan and it is a family of Toyota which is why it has the best resale value.

  1. What is the fuel average of the Toyota Vigo?

The fuel average of the Vigo is around 8-10 km per liter

  1. What is the top-selling colors of Toyota Vigo?

The top selling colors of Toyota Vigo are black and white

Join Community

You can join the car community to stay updated on the current happenings regarding cars and ask your questions and inquire about several things regarding cars.

                                  Toyota Hilux Club | Facebook


Worthy Competitors/ advantage over competitions

The main competitor of Hilux was Mitsubishi L200 and it was available in Pakistan for a short term so the advantages that Vigo has over Mitsubishi L200 is the availability of spare parts the Vigo parts are readily available in Pakistan while the parts of Mitsubishi L200 were not readily available in Pakistan. The price of Toyota Hilux Vigo is reasonable than its competitor and has better reliability. There was no other competitor of Toyota Hilux.

Final Verdict

Since the launch of the Toyota Vigo, it is the most famous off-road vehicle in Pakistan It is widely used for government protocols and patrolling purposes. It is the most widely used vehicle in villages because of its extreme off-roading capabilities. It is the best option. now it has become more affordable because its aftermarket parts are readily available in the Pakistani market. For a user who is fond of off-roading like it, a lot but for a user who is looking for a luxury and comfortable off-road vehicle then Vigo is not an option because its ride is very stiff and uncomfortable.

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