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Cultus Price in Pakistan: Suzuki Cultus 2023 - VXR VXL AGS

By Trims pakistan September 15, 2022 0 comments

Suzuki Cultus Price in Pakistan (Ex Factory, exclusive of taxes)

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Suzuki Cultus VXR price in Pakistan is

PKR 3,718,000

Suzuki Cultus VXL price in Pakistan is

PKR 4,084,000

Suzuki Cultus AGS price in Pakistan is

PKR 4,366,000



In this article, we will chew over the most exotic and favorite supermini car of Pakistan that is Suzuki Cultus. Suzuki Cultus is manufactured by Japanese automobile maker Suzuki and its production was started back in 1983 in Japan. The first two generations of Suzuki cultus were sold as Suzuki swift in different countries after that Suzuki decided to sell it worldwide with different names and names are Geo Metro, Pontiac Firefly, and M-car. The first generation of Suzuki Cultus was launched in 1983 it was a most basic design and a new edition in the category of supermini cars. The second generation of Suzuki Cultus was launched in September 1988 in Japan and it was a complete changeover in exterior design. A 3-cylinder turbocharged engine variant of this second-generation Cultus got very eminent in Canada. In Pakistan, the first generation of Suzuki cultus was launched in 1989 and called Suzuki Khyber it has a 1.0-liter engine and was considered a very reliable car. The production of Suzuki Khyber was discontinued in 1999 and then in 2000 Pak Suzuki launched the second generation of Suzuki cultus in Pakistan it was a hatchback car with a 1.0-liter petrol engine and it is a carburetor engine along with a 5-speed manual gearbox. There were three variants launched in 2000 and these variants were VXR, and VXL This car was the most famous car at that time and at the end of 2007 Pak Suzuki launched its EFI engine that was more fuel efficient and comfortable there were also minor changes like the AC grille color was changed. In 2012 Pak Suzuki shift to the Euro II engine and in this was the fuel efficiency reached the next level. Cultus was famous in Pakistan because of its fuel efficiency and affordability. The production of the second generation continued till 2017 in Pakistan and then in 2017 Pak Suzuki launched the third generation of Suzuki cultus that is very famous as Celerio in other countries. It was a complete change in overall design, engine suspension, and everything. The shape of the third-generation cultus is very amazing and it became very famous in Pakistan because there is the trust of millions of customers in Cultus so that is why the third generation of Cultus got very famous in Pakistan within no time. The variants of Suzuki cultus are given below

  • Suzuki Cultus VXR
  • Suzuki Cultus VXL
  • Suzuki Cultus AGS (Auto Gear Shift)



The automobile industry in Pakistan has been facing several challenges recently, including plant shutdowns, a high dollar rate, and a lack of raw materials. However, despite these difficulties, car delivery is readily available across the country.


The exterior design of Suzuki cultus is very smart. Suzuki cultus is a hatchback car and its design is very basic and simple because in this segment the main motive of the company is to make the cars more fuel efficient so the shape does not matter in the supermini car category but the design of Suzuki cultus is decent. The front look of the Suzuki cultus is very elegant and smart. The halogen headlamps of Suzuki cultus are very slim and have a very impressive look. There is a chrome lining on the front grille of Suzuki cultus VXL and AGS (Auto Gear Shift technology) although there is a simple matt black in the base variant of Suzuki cultus that is the VXR model. The front bumper design of Suzuki cultus is normal neither too fancy nor very classic. The overall front look of Suzuki cultus is very smart. The halogen fog lamps are available in VXL and AGS models although the VXR model does not have company-fitted fog lamps you have to go for aftermarket fog lamps. There are roof lines over the roof of Suzuki cultus that are very premium looking and they are standard in all the variants of Suzuki cultus. The side profile of Suzuki cultus is very elementary although the door handles of Cultus VXL and AGS are body-colored while VXR has black body colors. Moreover, the side mirrors of Cultus VXL and AGS are body-colored too while VXR has again black colored side mirrors. The alloy rims design of Suzuki cultus is very candid but this option is only available in Cultus VXL and AGS models but the VXR model has steel wheels. There is nothing extraordinary in the exterior design of Suzuki cultus but the comprehensive look is pretty suitable.


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The interior of the Suzuki cultus is very elegant and spacious and if we compare it with the previous generations of Suzuki cultus then there is no match because the previous generation's interior has a lot of issues but this generation has a very decent-looking interior. There is a theme of black in the interior of the Suzuki cultus the seats are wrapped in black fabric and the door cards of the Suzuki cultus are also black. The seats of Suzuki cultus are very comfortable and the cushioning of the seats is very comfortable and very helpful for the passengers on longer journeys. 5-persons can easily travel in the city on Suzuki cultus. The power windows option is standard among all the variants of Suzuki cultus and it is very interesting because the previous generation lacks this feature except for the VXL model. The speedometer of Suzuki cultus is very basic with a tachometer that shows all the necessary information to the driver and its color is red which provides it a bit sporty look. There is a silver lining pattern on the dashboard of the Cultus VXL and AGS model while the Cultus VXR model has a simple black dashboard. The steering wheel of cultus 2022 is 3-spoke, urethane wrapped and it is an electronic power steering. There is a manual air conditioning system in cultus and it is standard in all the variants of Suzuki cultus. The VXL and AGS model has 4 speakers while the cultus VXR model has only two speakers in its front doors. The infotainment screen of Suzuki cultus has all the basic operations like Bluetooth, FM, and music. The rear seats of Suzuki cultus have a 60/40 split.

Engine & Transmission

Cultus price in Pakistan suzuki cultus price in pakistan, cultus, cultus vxl price in pakistan, cultus 2021 price in pakistan, cultus 2022 price in pakistan, cultus vxr price in pakistan, cultus car

Suzuki cultus has a 1.0-liter 3-cylinder engine that can produce power of 50/6,000 kW/rpm at a torque of 90/3,500 Nm/rpm. This engine is standard among all the variants of Suzuki Cultus. This engine is a very famous and most experienced engine of Suzuki because it is the most reliable and fuel-efficient engine of Suzuki. Cultus has a K-series K-10B engine that is also came in Suzuki Celerio in other countries the same engine came in Suzuki Wagon r, it is the most fuel efficient and reliable engine The transmission option differs in Suzuki Cultus because the Cultus VXL and VXR have a 5-speed manual transmission although the top-of-the-line AGS model has automatic gear shift technology transmission. This transmission was first ever introduced by Suzuki. In this transmission technology, there is a smart actuator that can work as a clutch and provides smooth gear shifting technology and at the same time provides maximum fuel economy while in case of CVT transmission there are unlimited gear ratios available that provides smooth gear shifting experience along with better fuel efficiency. Suzuki has played smartly because the AGS technology is indirectly a manual transmission because the actuator works as a clutch here.

Suspension/Wheels & Tires

 The suspension of Suzuki Cultus is very soft and smart. It takes a very low impact of bumps and provides a smooth experience to the passengers. It is a supermini category car which is why Pak Suzuki has designed its suspension in such a way that you can rake it to the villages and as well as on well-maintained roads too. The suspension of this generation cultus is far better than the previous generations. The ground clearance of Suzuki Cultus is ample and this is the best feature. The wheel size of the Suzuki Cultus is 165/65/R14 which is pretty impressive for such a supermini category car and these wheels provide maximum road grip and optimum handling experience to the driver. There are 14-inches alloy rims available in VXL and AGS models although the VXR model has a wheel as a standard feature.

Build Quality

The build quality of Suzuki cultus is not at up to the mark. The build is average although it is a very fuel-efficient hath batch car with a lot of perks in terms of build quality it is average. There are a lot of cases reported regarding build quality issues in Suzuki cultus. After a few months, the rusting get starts in the doors and the panels of Suzuki cultus and this is pathetic that a car that is not older than a year has a rust problem. Similarly, the body parts used in Suzuki cultus are of very low grade and they are unable to bear even a slight impact. The paint quality of Suzuki cultus is average There are a few body parts fitment issues and all the body parts are not aligned properly.

Comfort & Drive

The altogether drive of Suzuki cultus is very comfortable, especially for shorter journeys it provides you a smooth and comfortable drive. The seats of cultus are very welcoming and their cushioning is very comfortable. The power steering of the Suzuki cultus provides you ultimate driving pleasure but at higher speeds, the Suzuki cultus is not stable and there is a body roll in it. The auto gear shift technology in the top-of-the-line variant provides you with next-level comfort and a smooth drive.

Unique Features

All unique features of Suzuki cultus are detailed below

  1. Smart remote

The remote of Suzuki cultus is very smart if you unlock the car a single time then only the driver side door will open so a car will sense that only the driver side door has to open and if you want to unlock the whole car then you have to press the unlock button twice.

  1. Smart information cluster

The information cluster of Suzuki cultus is very smart it provides you with all the necessary information and the best is it provides you with the current average of the car.

Maintenance & Parts Costs

The maintenance cost of the Suzuki cultus is very pocket friendly and this is the USP (Unique Selling Point) of this car. You just need to change its oil and filters and they are very reasonable. All the parts are available at a dealership or you have aftermarket parts option too in case you want to save more amount. All the parts of Suzuki Cultus are easily available in Pakistan and you don’t have to wait for the delivery of parts. The price of Competitor products is higher than Suzuki cultus 2021 price but the dealership network of Suzuki cultus is very strong among all. Suzuki is very eminent in Pakistan because the pricing of its parts and their availability is superb. 

Most popular Accessories & Trending Modifications

Modifications and top trending accessories of Suzuki Cultus are

  • After-market fog lamps for the VXR variant
  • Aftermarket Android unit
  • Cultus roof spoiler
  • Cultus front bumper lower grille
  • Cultus Air press
  • Cultus top body covers

Common Issues

Suzuki Cultus is the most fuel-efficient and smart-looking car but it has few issues. There is poor cabin noise insulation in cultus and it irritates a lot during driving. The engine noise is a lot in cultus and users always complain about this issue especially since the auto gear shift variant of cultus has high engine noise. Suzuki cultus has handling issues, especially at high speeds and there is a body roll in Suzuki Cultus. There are fuel pump issues common in Suzuki Cultus. In hot summer the AC of cultus might give you a tough time, especially for the passengers who are sitting in the second row of the car. The paint quality of Suzuki cultus is not appreciative.

How to Buy Vehicle

To buy the vehicle you have two choices here you can either book a car and you have to wait for some time to get your car and if you want to buy a car instantly then you can pay some extra amount and get your car instantly. If a user wants to buy a car there are several options available such as Suzuki Dealership near you, online marketplaces, or local car showrooms.



1 How many airbags are there in Suzuki cultus?

There are two airbags available in Suzuki cultus and they are standard among all the variants of Suzuki cultus

2 What is the fuel average of Suzuki cultus?

The fuel average of Suzuki cultus is around 14-20km per liter. In city driving, it will provide you 14-15 liter per kilometer while on long journeys it can provide you a maximum 20 km/liter average

3 What is the top speed of Suzuki cultus?

The top speed of Suzuki cultus is around 180km/H

  1. Is the RPM idling problem common in Suzuki Cultus?

RPM idling is common in every car but if RPM is behaving abnormally and there is a frequent up and down in RPM then it should be inspected

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You can join the car community to stay updated on the current happenings regarding cars and ask your questions and inquire about several things regarding cars.

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  • Worthy Competitors/ advantage over competitions

The worthy competitors of Suzuki cultus are KIA Picanto, Toyota Passo, Toyota Vitz, and Suzuki wagon r. Suzuki cultus has clear advantages over its competitor products if we compare it with KIA Picanto in the case of Picanto parts are the main issue, its parts are not readily available and the prices of the parts are almost double that cultus so Cultus has a strong dealership network than Picanto so in this case, Cultus is a clear winner. In the case of Toyota Passo and Vitz they are imported cars and only available as second hand and their parts are not available. Suzuki cultus is a clear winner although Suzuki wagon r is a tough competitor keep in mind both of the cars have the same engine and suspension but the exterior and interior design of cultus is far better than wagon r and wagon r has some stability issues too.

Final Verdict

Suzuki Cultus is a supermini car belonging to a family of Suzuki which is selling its cars for almost 30 years so it is a reliable company. Suzuki cultus has a few advantages like it is the most fuel-efficient in its category, if we compare it with other cars then it is affordable because its parts are easily accessible and they are cheap too. This car is best for a person who has a major commute in the city because it provides fuel efficiency along with a comfortable drive. For a person who thoroughly wants to enjoy the comfort of a car and has to travel on longer journeys then might cultus is not the best option because it is mostly a city-driven car. The chill air conditioning system of cultus makes it more suitable because the previous generations of Cultus have a serious issue with its AC so this generation has an advantage. The previous generation of cultus lacks safety features like airbags and ABS while this generation has all the safety features but the base variant of cultus VXR still lacks ABS brakes and it has drum brakes. The price of Suzuki cultus is very reasonable and it has all the basic and major features so it is a best option for a budget constrain user.


Prices have been adjusted according to the current dollar exchange rate with the Pakistani Rupee.

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