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Hyundai Tucson Base Variant: Affordable Excellence for Car Enthusiasts

By Trims pakistan July 10, 2023 0 comments

Introduction: Unveiling the Hyundai Tucson Base Variant

Hyundai Pakistan has delighted car enthusiasts with the launch of the highly anticipated Hyundai Tucson base variant.

With a competitive price tag of Rs. 7,365,000

this variant offers an exciting opportunity for individuals seeking a blend of affordability and quality. Although the launch was initially scheduled for June 2023, it was delayed by a month due to unforeseen circumstances. Nonetheless, the wait has been worth it for those eager to explore the capabilities of this remarkable vehicle.

Exclusively Crafted Features of the Hyundai Tucson Base Variant

While the Hyundai Tucson GLS Sport (FWD) and Ultimate (AWD) variants boast an extensive range of cutting-edge specifications and features, the base variant offers a more streamlined package tailored to meet the requirements of budget-conscious buyers. Let's take a closer look at the exclusive features offered by the Hyundai Tucson base variant:


  1. Comfortable Commutes: The Hyundai Tucson base variant ensures a smooth driving experience with its ergonomic design, although it does not include power seats or lumbar support. However, its well-crafted interior still guarantees a comfortable journey.

  2. Simplicity Redefined: The base variant does not include push start or a smart key system, but it simplifies the driving experience with a traditional key setup.


  1. Reliable Braking System: While the Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD) and Brake Assist (BA) features are absent in the base variant, it still maintains a robust braking system that ensures safety on the roads.

  2. Enhanced Stability: Although the Electronic Stability Control (ESC) and Traction Control features are not included, the Hyundai Tucson base variant incorporates advanced engineering to provide a stable driving experience.


  • Striking Design: The Hyundai Tucson base variant showcases its distinctive style with halogen headlights, body-coloured door handles, and a black front radiator grille with silver paint accents.

  • While it may not have the chrome-lining of its top-tier counterparts, it exudes a sense of elegance.

A Base Variant Worth Considering

With features that closely resemble those of the popular Sportage Alpha, the Hyundai Tucson base variant offers a remarkable value proposition. Priced at Rs. 7,365,000, it presents a competitive alternative in its class. However, the final decision lies with consumers who will evaluate whether the base variant fulfills their requirements and expectations.

Conclusion: Setting New Standards in Affordability and Performance

The launch of the Hyundai Tucson base variant marks an exciting milestone in the automotive industry. Hyundai Pakistan has successfully crafted a vehicle that caters to the needs of budget-conscious car enthusiasts, without compromising on style and performance. While the absence of certain features is noticeable, the base variant is a testament to Hyundai's commitment to providing excellence at an affordable price. With its attractive design and noteworthy specifications, the Hyundai Tucson base variant is poised to captivate the attention of car lovers across the nation.

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