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Pakistan To Get A New MPV, Forland Safaari

By Trims pakistan August 23, 2023 0 comments

The Pakistani automobile market is gearing up for an exciting addition - a brand-new Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV) known as the Forland Safaari. This development marks a significant step for JW Forland, a company renowned for its commercial vehicle manufacturing in Pakistan.

While the official launch date remains under wraps, our reliable sources suggest that the arrival of this intriguing vehicle is imminent.

A Glimpse of Forland Safaari

The specifics and features of this highly anticipated MPV have yet to be fully disclosed. However, tantalizing hints have emerged on the official Instagram page of the Forland Safaari, giving potential buyers a glimpse of what to expect. Among the features teased are High-Density Lights, a convenient Jackknife key, and side-view mirror indicators, suggesting that this 7-seater promises to deliver more than just basic functionality.

In a recent social media post, the company tantalizingly proclaimed, "Witness the perfect blend of luxury, technology, and performance that truly defines extraordinary vehicular design; the all-new Safaari." This statement implies that the Forland Safaari is positioned as a vehicle that seeks to redefine the standards of excellence in its class.

The Interior Elegance

Turning our attention to the interior, the Forland Safaari aims to captivate drivers and passengers alike with its brilliant fusion of visual aesthetics and functional design. This attention to detail promises to elevate the driving experience, whether it's for long journeys or short commutes.

Features of Safaari Deluxe


Safaari Deluxe is 4200mm long, 1680mm wide and 1965mm high. Whereas the wheelbase and ground clearance of MPV is 270mm and 172mm, respectively.


Forland’s commercial vehicle is powered with 1480cc 6-speed in-line 4-cylinder engine mated with electronic fuel injector.


  • Electronic Power Steering
  • Adjustable Head Lights
  • Air Conditioning
  • Rear AC
  • Dual Tone Paint
  • Central Locking
  • Dial Visor
  • Reading Lamp
  • Front Door Power Window
  • Central Lamp
  • Audio System
  • 7-inch Touch Screen HD Display
  • Speakers
  • Bluetooth
  • Front Fog Lamps

Safety Features

  • Reverse Camera
  • ABS Braking System
  • Seatbelts For All Three Rows
  • ISOFIX Child Safety Fitting
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring (No display alarm)
  • Daytime Running Light
  • Door open prompt
  • Parking Brake Warning
  • Driver Seat Belt Warning
  • Rearview mirror turn signal
  • High Mounted Brake Lamp

Features of Safaari Comfort

Coming to power, Safaari Comfort comes with the same what is offered under the hood of Deluxe. The same is the case in dimensions. However, the comfort variant lacks the following specifications:

  • Rear AC
  • Dual Tone Paint
  • Central Locking
  • Front Door Power Window
  • 7-inch Touch screen HD Display
  • Bluetooth
  • Front Fog Lamps
  • Reverse Camera
  • ABS Braking System
  • No display alarm in TPM
  • Door open prompt

JW Forland's Expanding Horizon

JW Forland, the parent company behind the Forland Safaari, has established a strong presence in Pakistan's automobile industry. Over the years, it has provided consumers with an array of light commercial vehicles such as the C10 and T5, along with light-duty trucks like the C314-NT, and medium to heavy-duty trucks including the C-X17 (Oil Tanker). With the introduction of the Forland Safaari, JW Forland is set to broaden its horizons.

This expansion signifies a positive development for the Pakistani auto market as it not only offers consumers a fresh and exciting option but also intensifies competition among manufacturers. With its reputation for quality and innovation, JW Forland's entry into the passenger vehicle segment with the Forland Safaari is poised to shake up the market and provide consumers with a compelling new choice in the world of MPVs.

In conclusion, the imminent launch of the Forland Safaari promises to be a game-changer in Pakistan's automobile industry. While details about its specifications are yet to be fully unveiled, the tantalizing hints and the company's commitment to luxury, technology, and performance make it a vehicle worth watching out for. As JW Forland steps into the passenger vehicle arena, consumers can anticipate a new era of choice and competition in the market, ultimately benefiting all automobile enthusiasts in Pakistan.

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