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Suzuki Bolan 2023 Price in Pakistan, Reviews & Specs

By Trims pakistan June 27, 2023 0 comments

Are you considering buying a reliable and affordable vehicle in Pakistan? Look no further than the Suzuki Bolan 2023. In this article, we will explore the price, reviews, and specifications of the Suzuki Bolan 2023 to help you make an informed decision.

Suzuki Bolan 2023 Price in Pakistan

The price of the Suzuki Bolan 2023 in Pakistan varies depending on the variant you choose. The base variant, VX Euro II, is priced at PKR 1,940,000, while the top-of-the-line Cargo Van Euro II variant is priced at PKR 1,944,000. Please note that these prices are ex-factory.

Variants and Features

The Suzuki Bolan 2023 is available in two main variants:

  1. Suzuki Bolan VX Euro II

    • Engine: 796 cc, Manual, Petrol
    • Key Features: Immobilizer, Front Speakers, USB and Auxiliary Cable, AM/FM Radio
    • Delivery Time: 3 Months
    • Price: PKR 1,940,000
  2. Suzuki Bolan Cargo Van Euro II

    • Engine: 796 cc, Manual, Petrol
    • Key Features: Immobilizer, Front Speakers, USB and Auxiliary Cable, AM/FM Radio
    • Delivery Time: 3 Months
    • Price: PKR 1,944,000

Other Suzuki Bolan 2023 Variants

Apart from the two main variants mentioned above, there is also the Bolan VX Euro II AC variant available. This variant comes with air conditioning, providing added comfort for passengers during hot weather conditions.

Suzuki Bolan 2023 Pros & Cons

Our preferences:

  1. Large seating capacity: The Suzuki Bolan can comfortably seat up to 8 people, making it an ideal choice for families or commercial purposes.
  2. Affordable maintenance: The Bolan is known for its low maintenance costs, which is an advantage for budget-conscious buyers.
  3. Parts availability: As a popular vehicle in Pakistan, finding spare parts for the Bolan is relatively easy and convenient.
  4. Strong dealership network: Suzuki has an extensive network of authorized dealerships across Pakistan, ensuring excellent after-sales service and support.
  5. Now available in AC variant: The addition of air conditioning in the VX Euro II AC variant provides enhanced comfort during hot summer months.

Our dislikes:

  1. Unstable at high speeds: Due to its boxy design and relatively small engine, the Bolan may feel unstable when driven at high speeds.
  2. Lacks basic equipment: The Bolan's basic variant does not come with some modern features commonly found in other vehicles, such as power windows or central locking.
  3. Uncomfortable ride: The suspension of the Bolan may not provide the smoothest ride experience, especially on uneven roads.
  4. No safety features: Unfortunately, the Suzuki Bolan 2023 lacks modern safety features such as airbags or ABS.
  5. Same shape for decades: The Bolan's design has remained largely unchanged since its launch in the early 90s, which may not appeal to those seeking a more contemporary look.

Suzuki Bolan 2023 Overview

The Suzuki Bolan, known as Carry Dabba in Pakistan, is a mid-engine front-wheel-drive mini MPV that has been a popular choice among Pakistani buyers for several decades. While its design has seen only minor cosmetic upgrades over the years, the introduction of a new Euro-II compliant engine adds to its appeal. The Bolan offers a fairly competitive price point compared to other models in the same class available in the local market.

Suzuki Bolan Exterior

The Suzuki Bolan 2023 retains its iconic boxy design, which has become a recognizable feature of the vehicle. The front of the Bolan showcases square headlamps, fog lamps, and a rectangular black front grille. At the rear, you'll find a black bumper complemented by rectangular stacked taillights. Overall, the exterior of the Bolan is characterized by its rectangular and van-like appearance.

Suzuki Bolan Interior

Inside the Suzuki Bolan 2023, you'll find a familiar black interior composed of plastic and fabric materials. The van features a 4-spoke steering wheel, an improvement over previous models, and the addition of air conditioning enhances passenger comfort.

With its ample seating capacity, the Bolan can accommodate up to 8 people, making it suitable for various purposes, including public transportation, school vans, or rental services.

The van offers sufficient boot space, which can be further increased by adjusting the seats or removing a row of seats if needed.

Bolan Safety

When it comes to safety, it's important to note that the Suzuki Bolan 2023 lacks modern safety features. Manual door locks, manual windows, and the absence of airbags are some of the notable limitations in this area. Therefore, caution should be exercised while driving the Bolan.

Suzuki Bolan Engine

Under the hood, the Suzuki Bolan 2023 is equipped with a water-cooled, OHC, and EFI engine with a displacement of 796cc. This engine configuration allows the Bolan to generate a maximum power of 27.5/5000 kW/rpm and a maximum torque of 62/3000 Nm/rpm. The van operates with a 4-forward all synchromesh, 1 reverse transmission system.

Bolan Ride & Handling

Driving the Suzuki Bolan 2023 requires some experience, primarily due to its boxy shape, lack of a protruding front end, and its extended body. The van may exhibit body roll and can be challenging to maneuver due to its size and shape.

Bolan Maintenance

One of the advantages of the Suzuki Bolan 2023 is its easy maintenance. With a presence in the market since 1979, the Bolan has established a reputation for its affordability and availability of spare parts, contributing to its low overall maintenance costs.

Bolan Competitors

The main competitors of the Suzuki Bolan 2023 in Pakistan's market include the FAW XPV, Changan Karavaan, and Suzuki Every. These vehicles offer alternatives for buyers seeking similar features and utility.

In conclusion, the Suzuki Bolan 2023 presents a reliable and affordable option for individuals and businesses in Pakistan. With its large seating capacity, competitive pricing, and established maintenance network, the Bolan continues to be a popular choice for those seeking a practical and versatile vehicle. However, it's essential to consider its limitations in terms of safety features and handling characteristics before making a purchase decision.

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