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Toyota Yaris Price in Pakistan - In-Depth Review & Comparison

By Syed Areeb August 20, 2022 0 comments

Toyota Yaris is among the dream cars of a person in Pakistan, and its price is a big concern for everyone. Whoever can afford a sedan in Pakistan definitely puts purchasing Yaris on the list. But what is the Toyota Yaris Price in Pakistan? Is it worthy enough?

In this detailed guide, we will discuss everything about the vehicle you want to know. We’ll discuss its features, design, comfort, benefits, and a few of its flaws. You will also learn about its maintenance and other modifications costs and how it outperforms many of its competitors. Since we’ll also answer some important questions, let's begin!


The all-new Toyota Yaris was launched in Pakistan by the Indus Motor Company (IMC). It is the manufacturer of Toyota vehicles in Pakistan, which launched the car on the 11th of March 2020. However, the company started the bookings for its newly launched vehicle on the 19th of March 2020.

Toyota Yaris price in Pakistan started from PKR 44.0 lacs, and it was available in 1300cc and 1500cc engine displacements in six variants. However, its current variant prices range from PKR 44 lacs to 57 lacs. A list of all of their variant with prices as of 14th March 23 is mentioned below (these are ex-factory prices excluding withholding taxes & Registration charges):


Price (PKR)

Toyota Yaris GLI MT 1.3


Toyota Yaris ATIV MT 1.3


Toyota Yaris GLI CVT 1.3


Toyota Yaris ATIV CVT 1.3


Toyota Yaris ATIV X MT 1.5


Toyota Yaris ATIV X CVT 1.5


Toyota Yaris Aero CVT 1.3 5,099,000
Toyota Yaris Aero CVT 1.5 5,849,000



The automobile industry in Pakistan has been facing several challenges recently, including plant shutdowns, a high dollar rate, and a lack of raw materials. However, despite these difficulties, car delivery is readily available across the country



The exterior of the Toyota Yaris is identical to conventional sedans in subcompact segments & gives similar vibes of its predecessors that it replaced such as XLI, GLI variant of corolla but is a bit spicier and more stylish. The evergreen trademark of previous Toyota models, which is the small front grille, is also present in the new Toyota Yaris as well.

What all the six variants have in common are the four beam halogen lamps, but much to the disappointment of the lower variant users because partial chrome plating and fog lamps are only present in the top variants.

When it comes to side view, lower variants have body-colored door handles while higher variants have chrome door handles. Side mirrors are body-colored in all variants. A rear camera is also available but only in the top two variants. Below is a list of salient features of every variant:




Other Features

Toyota Yaris GLI MT 1.3

1300 cc


Vehicle Stability Control, ABS, Power Windows, Power Steering

Toyota Yaris ATIV MT 1.3

1300 cc


Vehicle Stability Control, Steering Switches, ABS, Alloy Wheels

Toyota Yaris GLI CVT 1.3

1300 cc


Vehicle Stability Control, ABS, Power Windows, Power Steering

Toyota Yaris ATIV CVT 1.3

1300 cc


Vehicle Stability Control, Steering Switches, ABS, Alloy Wheels

Toyota Yaris ATIV X MT 1.5

1500 cc


Navigation, Push Start, Climate Control, Down Hill Assist Control

Toyota Yaris ATIV X CVT 1.5

1500 cc


Navigation, Push Start, Driving Modes, Climate Control



Toyota Yaris interior is as lavish and sleek as you can get. The steering wheel in the top four variants comes with control switches. You can control audio and Bluetooth by the steering switches control in the Yaris 1.3 ATIV CVT trims, and multi-information display (MID) features in the top two variants.

Inner door handles are different in different variants; chrome colored in the top two variants, silver-painted in the 1.3L ATIV trims, and pigmented in the two base variants. Some other features which are uniform in all the variants include an illuminated entry system, power windows, central door locking, and a front personal lamp.

The audio system in the lower four variants comes with an in-dash 3 lines LCD, while the top 2 variants have a 6.8-inch capacitive touchscreen.

Engine & Transmission

1.3L engines are installed in the four lower variants, while 1.5L engines are installed in the top two. All the variants have in-line-four-cylinder-engines. Also, there is a valve train of 16 valve DOHC with dual VVT-i technology in all the variants. The manual variants of Yaris have five-speed manual transmission. On the other hand, the automatic variants have a 7-speed CVT and sport a sequential shiftmatic system.

The Yaris fuel average is also above par, within the city and on highways. It ranges from 13-16 Km/L within the city and can go up to 15-18 Km/L on highways. The car can reach speed up to 190 km/h with a 1.5L 2NR engine and manual transmission. The 1.5L engine accelerates from 0-100 km/h in 10.2 seconds, while it takes 13 seconds for the 1.3L engine.

 Wheels, Tires & Suspension

Wheel type in GLI CVT 1.3 and GLI MT 1.3 is steel rims with wheel caps while in the other four variants they are alloy wheels. Company Provide stock 15 inch rims with Eurostar (General) Tires with profile of 185/60R15 in all variants . However, all the variants have Macpherson Strut suspension in front and Torsion Beam suspension in the rear.

If we talk about their performances, Pakistani manufacturers are not as satisfactory as one would have liked. And no one can blame them as the springs are kept relatively high because of the conditions of roads in Pakistan. They can get quite bumpy, and sedans with lower trim will often hit the ground.

The car's suspension is not as good on the highways as in the towns. The overall performance declines on the highways. By compromising the size and quality of rims, Toyota has saved a good amount of money. The tire quality altogether is not bad but also not good enough.

Build Quality

The build quality in the earlier units of Toyota Yaris had some minor problems. Some users outlined that Yaris have poor quality trunk lining and mats. Some complained about exposed wiring in the engine bay, while most of them were about poor panel fittings.

Moreover, it was found that the darker-colored units lacked door-sash strips. Although these strips are minor items, you cannot expect this sort of glitch from an MNC of the stature of Toyota. Some users also complained about the lousy sound insulation and sound quality.

However, they have improved a lot since then, and today’s Yaris is quite a well-built sedan than the launch models. The trunk quality has also improved, plus the availability of parts is easy, and the maintenance cost is also relatively low.

Comfort & Drive

It gives a good experience when driving around the town and is easy to handle. It can take sharp turns swiftly with minimal body roll, and the brakes are also satisfactory. This car gives a very comfortable experience for four persons and is regarded as an excellent pick for a family driving around the town. Although, the performance and acceleration speed depends upon the passengers sitting inside the car.

Its CVT gear is very responsive, allowing you to ride at the desired speed with great comfort. So, you can also get it next year and keep an eye on Yaris 2023 price in Pakistan for a more improvised and comfortable model.

Unique Features

Credit Source: Toyota

One of the unique features of the Toyota Yaris is its excellent mileage. Its mileage is around 13-15 Km/L when driving inside the city and 15-18 Km/L on a highway. Another striking feature is the variety of features with minimum body roll and the quality of brakes, especially when driving in a town. There are 7 Yaris colors that are offered by Toyota Yaris, which is quite a list to choose from.

The ground clearance it provides is engineered keeping in view the road conditions in Pakistan and is, therefore, very handy for the users. CVT gear offers smooth gear shifting, which is available in Yaris Gli CVT 1.3, Ativ CVT 1.3, and Yaris Ativ X CVT 1.5.

Common Issues

The most common issue faced by Yaris users is comfort when it comes to a bumpy road.  According to the users, it gives thudding noise when faced with holes on the road. Given that, the statement justifies the below-par suspension system of the car.

The quality of tires and rims was also a subject of criticism, and the users think the road grip is a bit compromised. Some users also found the space congested for three people because of the arms rest placed at the back.

How to Buy Toyota Yaris

Officially, you can either book it from your nearest authorized 3S Dealership or you can also book your vehicle online directly from Company by visiting their official site, and check the Toyota Indus motors booking status anytime. However, in both cases the process is typically time-consuming, and it may take from 3-6 months to deliver your Yaris

There’s another option where you can pay a premium for instant delivery. For this process, you can pay an upfront amount to the dealers without waiting for months and may get your vehicle immediately. But remember, these dealers demand a hefty amount, which usually depends on supply & demand mechanism also commonly referred as ON Money.


1.    What is the resale value of Toyota Yaris in Pakistan?

Being a Toyota Vehicle Yaris has proved to have the strongest resale value amongst its competitors. Especially after the recent rupee devaluation, people even sold their old Yaris at higher prices compared to what they  originally paid while buying the brand new one. Otherwise, depending on the condition, its resale value vaguely drops.

2.    What is the fuel average of Yaris's different variants?

Typically, all variants' fuel average range from 13-16 kilometers per liter. The 1.3L variants give 16 Km/L in the city and about 18 Km/L on the highway. On the other hand, its higher 1.5L variants lie within 13Km/L in the city and can go to 15 Km/L on the highway.

3.    Are Toyota Yaris parts available easily?

Yes! Toyota Yaris spare parts are available in Pakistan. Various providers are operating nationwide on both online and open markets. However, make sure to get a trusted dealer to avoid low-quality parts on your sedan. To find genuine & authentic parts for Toyota yaris & trend accessories such as Yaris body kits visit our Yaris section

4.    Where can I easily find service centers for Toyota Yaris?

Toyota has been operating successfully in Pakistan and built a good reputation. More than 50 dealerships are currently working across the country, and the company plans to expand the number. Otherwise, you can also consider a local but trusted service center for your Yaris if you get into any issue or complication.

5.    What are the color options available for Yaris?

Toyota has not only given six variation options for its sedan but also provided 7 different color options. The choice is decent enough, and every color is good that one can pick according to their taste. Here is a list of available color options:

  1.     Attitude Black
  2.     Grey Graphite
  3.     Super White
  4.     Phantom Brown
  5.     Red Mica MT
  6.     Strong Blue
  7. Silver Metallic

Join Community

For more hands on user experience, details, information, tips, or if you want to interact with the car lover’s community, you can also join Facebook groups. Some of them are mentioned here:

1. Toyota Yaris Owners (Official Pakistan)

2. Team Yaris Pakistan

3. Toyota Yaris Fan Club

4. Vehicles for Sale in Pakistan

Note: Although you will see people selling their vehicles or automobile parts on these Facebook groups, you have to be cautious. We would advise you to buy parts from a trusted dealer or website, as buying from these groups also has risks of suffering from fraud. Contact and deal only if you are sure about the seller’s authenticity

Worthy Competitors/ advantage over competitions

Even though Toyota Yaris is a great sedan in Pakistan, the automobile industry is very competitive. So, several competitors are also available. The top three are Honda City, Changan Alsvin, and Proton Saga.

1.    Honda City

Regarding safety and driver assistance, Honda City offers the same features as the Toyota Yaris. Whether we are talking about the suspension of their wheels or the mileage, they have almost the same characteristics.

If you are looking for a Honda City vs. Toyota Yaris, there are some features that Yaris offers in which it overpowers its competitor. These include a more powerful engine, more fuel capacity, and a lower price as compared to Honda City.

2.    Changan Alsvin

Alsvin is another worthy competitor of Yaris that offers almost the same features at the same price or even a bit low. These two are more competitive regarding engine strength, suspension, mileage, or the type of variants they offer.

Alsvin does have some luxury features not available in Yaris, like leather seats, sunroof parking sensors, and rear speakers. It even has a higher engine horsepower of 114 hp, instead of 104 hp in Toyota’s sedan.

On the other hand, Yaris takes the advantage of fuel capacity. It has a fuel tank of 42L against the 40L on the other one. However, there are not many big differences between the two, but if you want to do an Alsvin vs. Yaris, then Yaris has an edge.

Although Yaris gets tough competition in some of the features, the thing where Toyota Yaris outplays its competitors is the brand value that Toyota has built for itself. It is the confidence that the users have in Toyota that forces them to go with Yaris.

3.    Proton Saga

Proton Saga struck the market with quite a low price and offered almost the same features just like Toyota Yaris. It competes with it in terms of engine strength, suspension, and the type of variants. The mileage and safety features are also the same in both cases. Proton Saga vs. Toyota Yaris is a very competitive matchup as the former offers a meager price.

Apart from all the compelling features, the area of concern for Proton Saga is that they are an infant when we compare them with the brand of Toyota. Users also see while buying if they will get a good rate in case they have to resale the car in the near future. Customers also reported about long delays in delivery for Proton Saga as well so people are bit reluctant to take the risk with Proton Saga.

Final Verdict

Wrapping it up, Yaris is a fantastic family sedan and provides a smooth and comfortable journey to its riders. We’ve covered a detailed review of the Toyota Yaris price in Pakistan, its features, and flaws and compared it with other potential cars. We hope you’ve found the guide helpful, and it will assist your decision for this sedan.


Prices have been adjusted according to the current dollar exchange rate with the Pakistani Rupee.

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