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Kia Picanto Price in Pakistan 2023

By Trims pakistan September 25, 2022 0 comments

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KIA Picanto Price in Pakistan (Exclusive of all taxes)

KIA Picanto 1.0 M/T price in Pakistan

PKR 3,350,000

KIA Picanto 1.0 A/T price in Pakistan

PKR 3,850,000



In this article, we chew over KIA Picanto. KIA Picanto is a supermini and city car that is manufactured by a South Korean car manufacturer known as KIA. KIA Picanto. Has different names in different regions it is called KIA Morning in Hong Kong and South Korea similarly it is called KIA Euro star in Vietnam. The main motive behind the production of KIA Picanto is to manufacture a city car that is affordable and can be parked easily at any place. The first generation of KIA Picanto was revealed at the Frankfurt Motor show in 2003 and it was a 5-door hatchback with 2 different engines options one is 1.0-liter petrol engine and the other is 1.1-liter petrol engine both of the engines were MPI (Multi-point injection) engines. This generation was available in manual and automatic transmission. The facelift of the first-generation KIA Picanto was launched in 2007 in which the bumpers, front and rear lights changed moreover the front grille was changed too. The hydraulic power steering was also changed to electronic power steering. In 2010 KIA Picanto got another facelift with minor cosmetic changes like front grille design and bumper design. Globally in 2011 2nd generation of KIA Picanto was revealed at the Geneva Motor show. This generation was entirely different from the previous generation with a more broad and wider look. In Pakistan, KIA Picanto is launched by KIA Lucky Motors in 2019 and it is the second generation. KIA Lucky Motors launch 2 different variants of KIA Picanto in Pakistan.

  • KIA Picanto 1.0 M/T
  • KIA Picanto 1.0 A/T


Front look:

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The exterior design of KIA Picanto is very sleek and simple. The hood of KIA Picanto has no prominent character lines. The front of the car has a tiger nose appearance which is the signature style of KIA and it is common in KIA Sportage and other vehicles of KIA. The front grille is mesh black along with a lining of chrome The front bumper design is very simple while the headlamps of KIA Picanto are very broad and are uplifted towards the hood of the car. The headlamps are halogen with no daytime running lights. There is an option of DRL at the end of the bumper in place of fog lamps but it looks a bit strange. There is a huge emblem of KIA in the front grille of KIA Picanto. The front bumper is a mixture of matt black and body-colored paint.

Side profile: 

The side profile of KIA Picanto is very sleek and smart. There is a single character line which starts from the front door and end at the rear quarter panel. The door handles of KIA Picanto are body-colored and they are standard among both the variants. The side mirrors are body colored but they do not have side indicators. There are no side skirts available in KIA Picanto. The tires of Kia Picanto are 14-inches and the tire brand is Tycoon.

Rear Profile

kia picanto price in pakistan, kia picanto, kia picanto price, kia picanto price in pakistan 2022

The rear end of the Kia Picanto is very simple. The tail lamps are very classical and the reverse lights are available in the reflectors. There is an option for rear screen wiper which is very cool feature. The rear bumper design is very simple. There is a spoiler available on the roof of Kia Picanto but unfortunately, there is no brake lamp available in KIA Picanto although a long classic antenna is available on the roof of KIA Picanto. There is an option for boot separator in KIA Picanto and the boot space of KIA Picanto is 200 liters. There is an option for spare wheel in KIA Picanto.


kia picanto price in pakistan, kia picanto, kia picanto price, kia picanto price in pakistan 2022

The interior of KIA Picanto is very premium. The car has a keyless entry but smart entry is not available in KIA Picanto. There is a jack-knife key available with the option of lock and unlock. The headspace of KIA Picanto is ample but leg space is compromising especially for rear passengers. In a city, 5 passengers can easily travel in KIA Picanto but on longer journeys, only 4 passengers can easily travel in KIA Picanto. The seats of KIA Picanto are very comfortable along with a headrest option, the cushioning of the seats is amazing. At the rear seats headrest are available too which is one up in KIA Picanto. The dashboard color is black along with a few silver touches. Two airbags are standard in KIA Picanto one is for the front passenger and the other is for the driver. The steering wheel of KIA Picanto is oval-shaped with a silver lining at the bottom. There are no steering switches available on the steering wheel but KIA has played smartly and the rest buttons of the odometer are located on the steering wheel so users think they are steering switches but they are not. The speedometer of the KIA Picanto is simple along with a small odometer that shows all the necessary information like fuel average, range, etc. There is no entertainment screen available in KIA Picanto on the other hand there is a simple stereo with all the basic features like Bluetooth connectivity, AUX connectivity, FM and much more the manual variant of KIA Picanto has two speakers in front doors while top of the line variant has 4 speakers.  The color of door cards in KIA Picanto is black and they look very premium. There is a manual air conditioning system in KIA Picanto with a knob style and the performance of the AC is optimum. The driver seat of KIA Picanto has a manual height adjustment which is another cool feature of KIA Picanto. There are two cup holders available for the front passengers and one cup holder is available for the rear passengers. The main theme of the interior is black. All the windows are powered and only the driver window is powered and automatic. There is a glasses holder available for the driver and there is a tray beneath the front passenger seat similarly there is a light in glove box which is very helpful specially at night. There is an option of light in the foot panels for the driver and front passenger which is another good option. The rear seats have 60/40 split option and Child Isofix anchors are also available in rear seats. Although there are no rear AC vents available in KIA Picanto.  

Drive Experience

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The all-inclusive driving experience of KIA Picanto is very smooth. It does not have ample power but its driving experience is impressive. The response of suspension is very smooth on paved roads and broken roads. You can drive it on any kind of road. There is ample ground clearance available in KIA Picanto and if 5 passengers are sitting in KIA Picanto still ground clearance is not an issue for this car. It does not have any modes because it is a supermini car whose main motive is to provide maximum fuel efficiency. The seating position is very excellent in KIA Picanto and overall it is comfortable. There are ABS brakes available in KIA Picanto so the braking response is very efficient.


Engine & Transmission

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KIA Picanto 2022 has a Euro-2 compliant 1.0-liter MPI (Multipoint injector) 3-cylinder gasoline engine which can produce a power of 69/6,200 horsepower with a maximum torque of 9.6/3,500 Nm/rpm. There are two transmission options available in Kia Picanto the manual variant has a 5-speed manual transmission while the automatic variant which is the top-of-the-line variant has a 4-speed automatic transmission.

kia picanto price in pakistan, kia picanto, kia picanto price, kia picanto price in pakistan 2022

Suspension/Wheels & Tires

The suspension of Kia Picanto is soft and it has a smooth response on bumpy and broken roads. The suspension system of Kia Picanto is designed according to the road conditions of Pakistan. It is very efficient and can absorb all the bumps and jerks easily. The ground clearance of KIA Picanto is 152 Milli meters. If 5 passengers are travelling in Kia Picanto still ground clearance is not a problem in Kia Picanto. The road grip and handling of Kia Picanto are optimum there is no blind spot in Kia Picanto which make its drive easier and more convenient. There are simple wheel caps available in both variants of Kia Picanto and alloy rims are the additional feature that can be bought by paying extra money to the dealership. The tire size of the Kia Picanto is 165/65/14.

kia picanto price in pakistan, kia picanto, kia picanto price, kia picanto price in pakistan 2022


Kia Picanto is a supermini car and according to its category it has all the safety features like dual airbags one for the driver and the other is for the front passenger, it has ABS brakes which are very responsive but it does not have EBD, VSA, and Traction control and due to lack of traction control Kia Picanto has few stability issues. There is no cruise control available in Kia Picanto although an immobilizer is the standard option available in all the variants of Kia Picanto.

Build Quality

The build quality of Kia Picanto is impressive. KIA is a well-known brand and excellent build quality is the key feature of KIA. Few early units of Kia Picanto have some paint quality issues but being a responsible company KIA has taken them under consideration and now the quality is very amazing.

Unique Features

kia picanto price in pakistan, kia picanto, kia picanto price, kia picanto price in pakistan 2022
  1. Heated side mirrors

KIA Picanto has heated side mirrors which is the most advanced feature and helpful in the rainy season and winter seasons. This option is standard in both manual and an automatic variant of Kia Picanto.

  1. Foot panel lights

KIA Picanto has an option of light in the foot panel of the driver and front passenger which is very helpful at night and it is standard in all the variants of KIA Picanto.

  1. Sunglasses holder

KIA Picanto has sunglasses holder which is another amazing feature and it is standard across all the variants of KIA Picanto

Maintenance & Parts Costs

The maintenance cost of Kia Picanto is reasonable all the routine parts like engine oils and filters are available at the dealership of KIA but still KIA dealership network is not strong enough in Pakistan and the parts availability is an issue. The body parts and other parts which are not in routine are still not available at the dealership of KIA and the price of the parts is a bit high keeping in mind the category of this car. The aftermarket parts of Kia Picanto are not readily available in the Pakistani market but after some time they will be available in markets and in this way the maintenance will not be a problem anymore.

Top Accessories & Trending Modifications

Kia Picanto air press

Picanto top covers

Picanto Floor mats

Rear bumper diffuser for Picanto

Sill plates for KIA Picanto

Chrome weather strips for KIA Picanto

Trunk mat for KIA Picanto

Common Issues / Any key missing features

The common issues of Kia Picanto include bad sound insulation in the cabin and sluggish response. Another common issue with Kia Picanto is regarding its battery which will get faulty after some time and you have to replace it with a new one. There are few features that are missing in Kia Picanto like the alloy rims must be available as a standard feature in top-of-the-line variant and there must be an armrest available as a standard feature although there are plenty of features which are missing in this vehicle but at least these two features must be given by the company.


How to Buy Vehicle

To buy the vehicle you have two choices here you can either book a car and you have to wait for some time to get your car and if you want to buy a car instantly then you can pay some extra amount and get your car instantly. If a user wants to buy a car there are several options available such as KIA Dealership near you, online marketplaces, or local car showrooms. KIA motors also take online bookings of KIA Picanto




  1. How is the resale value of KIA Picanto?

The resale value of the KIA Picanto is average because its dealership network is still growing in Pakistan but with time it will get better.

  1. What is the fuel average of KIA Picanto?

The fuel average of the KIA Picanto is around 13-16 km per liter which is impressive and decent.

  1. What is the top speed of the KIA Picanto?

The top speed of KIA Picanto is 180 km/hour

Join Community

You can join the car community to stay updated on the current happenings regarding cars and ask your questions and inquire about several things regarding cars.

                                   KIA Picanto | Facebook

Worthy Competitors/ advantage over competitions

The main competitors of the Kia Picanto are Suzuki Cultus, Suzuki alto AGS and Suzuki Wagon r. The main advantage that Kia Picanto has over its competitors is the build quality the build quality of Kia Picanto is very impressive and excellent then Suzuki Cultus and Suzuki Wagon r. Although thrice the cars are locally manufactured but in terms of Build quality Kia Picanto is superior and there are some other additional features in Kia Picanto which are missing in Suzuki Cultus and Suzuki Wagon r like heated side mirrors and height adjustment.

Final Verdict

Kia Picanto is a good addition to the Pakistani market. It has all the basic and luxury features; its build quality is a top-notch which makes it superior than its competitors. It is a very good option for the user who is looking for a small city car that provides comfort and fuel economy at the same time. KIA has paid serious attention to Kia Picanto and added all the features which are not even available in luxury sedans of Pakistan like there are heated side mirrors, rear wipers, and glasses holder. The dealership network of KIA is not strong yet and all the parts are not readily available but with time this problem will get sorted out.


Prices have been adjusted according to the current exchange rate with the Pakistani Rupee.

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