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Suzuki Every Launch in Pakistan: Will It Finally Happen in November 2023?

By Trims pakistan November 09, 2023 0 comments

Suzuki Every, the highly anticipated car, has been the talk of the town in Pakistan for the past couple of years. Enthusiasts and car aficionados have been eagerly awaiting its arrival, and various speculations and rumors have circulated about when it will finally hit the market. In this comprehensive article, we will delve into the intriguing journey of the Suzuki Every and explore the latest insights that hint at its imminent launch.

The Genesis of Anticipation

The first spark of excitement about Suzuki Every and the potential discontinuation of the Suzuki Bolan emerged in August 2021. This pivotal moment was triggered by a significant decision from the Lahore High Court (LHC). The LHC mandated the Engineering Development Board (EDB) to ensure that all car companies adhere to safety regulations stipulated by WP-29, including the installation of airbags in their vehicles. The EDB set an initial deadline of 2021 for the implementation of these safety regulations. However, this deadline was later extended to 2023.

This turn of events ignited a belief in the market that Suzuki Bolan's days were numbered, as it lacked airbags and would likely be replaced by the long-anticipated Suzuki Every. Nevertheless, the extended deadline pushed the anticipated launch of Suzuki Every to mid-2024. We optimistically reported that Suzuki Pakistan would introduce the Every to comply with WP-29's safety regulations. Yet, there is a glimmer of hope that the Every might grace our roads even sooner, and the source of this optimism can be traced back to the events at PAPS 2023.

Clues from PAPS 2023

In a candid conversation with the company's representative, the discussion revolved around their advanced technology for crafting car parts, including dashboards and door panels. What truly piqued our interest was the statement made by the official, "Our next project is Suzuki Every, which is coming next month (November 2023)." This revelation was met with excitement, although it was swiftly followed by a clarification that the company was still in the process of finalizing the project. The burning question remains: Can we expect the launch of Suzuki Every this month?

The Heart of the Beast

Let's take a moment to peek under the hood of the Suzuki Every. The upcoming model is expected to be equipped with a robust 660cc engine. This engine upgrade promises enhanced performance and efficiency, which will undoubtedly appeal to consumers who have been eagerly awaiting a replacement for the decades-old Suzuki Bolan.


The Suzuki Every has been a long-awaited addition to Pakistan's automotive landscape. With the shift in safety regulations and the recent revelations at PAPS 2023, the dream of owning a Suzuki Every might soon become a reality for many. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting journey.


1. When was the initial deadline set for implementing safety regulations for airbags in vehicles by the Lahore High Court?

  • The initial deadline set by the Lahore High Court was in 2021.

2. What is WP-29, and why is it significant in the context of Suzuki Every's launch?

  • WP-29 refers to safety regulations that include the mandatory installation of airbags in vehicles. It is significant as it played a role in shaping the Suzuki Every's launch timeline.

3. What event provided a crucial hint about the potential launch of Suzuki Every?

  • The Pakistan Auto Show (PAPS) held in 2023 provided a hint about the possible launch of Suzuki Every.

4. What engine specifications can we expect in the Suzuki Every?

  • The Suzuki Every is expected to feature a 660cc engine, promising improved performance and efficiency.

5. When can we expect the official launch of Suzuki Every in Pakistan?

  • While the exact launch date remains uncertain, the hint from PAPS 2023 suggests it might be coming soon, possibly in November 2023.

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