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Toyota's First Hybrid Electric Car To Hit Pakistan Roads Next Month

By Trims pakistan November 14, 2023 0 comments

In a monumental stride for the Pakistani automotive industry, Toyota is poised to unveil its inaugural Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) on the roads next month. The revelation follows months of eager anticipation, and Ali Jamali, CEO of Indus Motor Company (IMC), shed light on the company's venture into domestic HEV production during a recent press briefing.

A Paradigm Shift in Production

A pivotal moment in Jamali's update was the disclosure of a substantial $100 million investment in local HEV production. This strategic move not only aims to curtail import expenses but is also anticipated to yield an annual saving of $37 million as production scales up to an impressive 30,000 HEV units.

The Corolla Cross HEV - A Game-Changer

The spotlight of this groundbreaking development is undeniably on the Corolla Cross HEV, a hybrid crossover poised to revolutionize the Pakistani automotive landscape. In the face of rising inflation, the Corolla Cross's exceptional fuel efficiency emerges as a compelling selling point.

For Toyota enthusiasts, the imminent arrival of this hybrid crossover marks a milestone to eagerly anticipate. Buckle up for an eco-friendly driving experience that aligns with contemporary environmental concerns.

CBU Corolla Cross

Initially introduced as a Completely Built Unit (CBU), the Corolla Cross has already made waves on Pakistani roads. Boasting a robust 1798cc hybrid engine, the vehicle delivers a commanding performance, generating 168hp at 3600 RPM and 305Nm torque at 3600 RPM. While the CBU version left an impact, the eagerly awaited locally assembled variant is poised to further fortify Toyota's standing in the burgeoning market for hybrid vehicles.

As the launch date approaches, the buzz among consumers and automotive enthusiasts intensifies. The Corolla Cross's arrival in the midst of 2023 underscores Toyota's strategic vision and commitment to introducing cutting-edge, environmentally conscious vehicles to the Pakistani market.


In conclusion, Toyota's foray into domestic HEV production and the impending launch of the Corolla Cross HEV mark a paradigm shift in Pakistan's automotive landscape. This move not only aligns with global trends in eco-friendly driving but also positions Toyota as a frontrunner in delivering advanced, sustainable mobility solutions.


1. What is the significance of Toyota's $100 million investment in local HEV production?

  • The investment aims to reduce import expenses and is expected to result in an annual saving of $37 million as production scales up.

2. Which model takes the spotlight in Toyota's venture into hybrid vehicles in Pakistan?

  • The Corolla Cross HEV is the flagship model, set to revolutionize the Pakistani automotive landscape.

3. What are the key performance specs of the Corolla Cross's hybrid engine?

  • The Corolla Cross features a robust 1798cc hybrid engine, generating 168hp at 3600 RPM and 305Nm torque at 3600 RPM.

4. Why is the Corolla Cross HEV considered a game-changer in the Pakistani automotive market?

  • Its exceptional fuel efficiency becomes a compelling selling point, especially in the face of rising inflation.

5. When can consumers expect the locally assembled variant of the Corolla Cross HEV to hit the roads?

  • The locally assembled variant is expected to launch next month, marking a significant moment for Toyota enthusiasts in Pakistan.

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